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Don Richmond's
latest LTE
Rand and Racism

The Evil of Compromise .

Also read his
Fiscal responsibility versus
altruism and selfishness

Neal Boortz read his 'New Rights are Wrong' Op-Ed over the air.
Read it here

Welcome to Paradise

Ayn Rand Society for Individual Rights of Naples

Building a Society Based on the Moral Principle of Individual Rights
— The Rights of All At the Expense of None —


2016 Supper/Discussion Meeting
Wednesday, July 6th, 6:30 - 8:30

No Supper Meeting in July
Conflict with OCON
- View the taped General Sessions:

2016 Supper/Discussion Meeting
Wednesday, Aug 3rd,

Annual Pool Party Cook Out:
(Details to be emailed)

2016 Supper/Discussion Meeting
Wednesday, September 7th, 6:30 - 8:30
C. Bradley Thompson: Why Marxism?

This lecture is an examination of why so many are
still attracted to Marxism despite the history of
totalitarianism and genocide.

Please RSVP - Yea, Nay or Maybe here by Tuesday, Sept 6th,
(even if still a Maybe) so we can arrange adequate seating.

Perkins Restaurant
3585 Pine Ridge Road


Fall Semester 2016
Distinguished Scholars Series
ot FGCU's Reniasance Academy

To Be Announced

Address: 1010 5th Ave S #100, Naples, FL 34102
Phone:(239) 434-4737


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