ARSIRN has 3 levels of annual membership. Each includes a $15 contribution to the Ayn Rand Center for Individual Rights (ARC) for which you receive their email updates, Impact. {Note: ARSIRN is a Florida nonprofit corporation, but not an IRS 501c3. For donations to ARC to be tax deductible a separate check to the ARC is required.}

Supporter: $75 includes the ARC contribution, a 1-oz. copper coin from a D'Anconia mine; 20% discount on books at all Books-A-Million stores or free expedited shipping on their on-line orders; free attendance at ARSIRN suppers, study groups and discussion colloquia.
                                                Supporter Couple: $125
Sustainer $175 includes all Supporter privileges, free attendance at ARSIRN's Renaissance Academy events, the next issue of the The Objective Standard for yourself or a designee .
                                                Sustaining Couple: $225
Benefactor: $275 includes all Supporter and Sustaining privileges plus invitations to private, limited-seating, dutch-treat brunches, lunches and/or dinners with Distinguished Scholars and other speakers.
                                                Benefactor Couple: $325
Student Member: $15 or volunteer to assist at ARSIRN functions as needed. plus independent contribution to ARI/ARC
Do you have the same problem some of our friends have - too many commitments and demands on ther time to join another group no matter how worthy?
You can just make an appropriate contribution.
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