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Don Richmond's

latest LTE
Rand v. Ambrose

The Evil of Compromise .

Also read his
Fiscal responsibility versus
altruism and selfishness

Neal Boortz read his 'New Rights are Wrong' Op-Ed over the air.
Read it here

Welcome to Paradise

Ayn Rand Society for Individual Rights of Naples

Building a Society Based on the Moral Principle of Individual Rights
— The Rights of All At the Expense of None —

April 2014

Supper-Discussion Meeting
Wednesday, April 2nd >>>6:30 PM<<<

Is Inequality fair? - a 45 minute talk by Yaron Brook

We're told that the gap between the poor and the rich has widened. Many decry the “injustice” of income and wealth inequality. But is it actually ...

Listen to it at (Either click on the link or copy and paste it into your browser.)

Perkins Restaurant
3585 Pineridge Road

Note: All tables ( 4 - 6 people) will discuss the same presentation. Tables and seats will be chosen randomly so we all get better acquainted.

Please RSVP - Yea, Nay or Maybe - here by Wednesday, Feb. 26th -- so we can arrange for adequate seating.

Winter-Spring 2014 Distinguished Scholars Series

Friday, April 11th. 6:00 - 8:00PM (Doors open at 5:30)
Justin Pearson
"Challenging Florida's Regulations One by One: Ceaselessly"

The Florida Constitution contains some of the best protections for economic liberty in the nation. Yet at all levels of our state's government, entrepreneurs and small business owners are overwhelmed by regulations far outside any legitimate scope of government power.

Pearson will explain why the solution to this problem is judicial engagement -- convincing judges to fulfill their obligation as the 'impenetrable bulwark' against the growth of government envisioned by James Madison.

Renaissance Academy, Naples Auditorium
1010 5th Avenue South (parking lot at rear on 10th Street.)
Phone: (239) 434-4737
Pre-register online through here.
OR Copy and Paste:

The PURPOSE of the Ayn Rand Society for Individual Rights of Naples (ARSIRN) is to provide educational venues for studying the ideas underlying individual rights, particularly their moral foundation as first identified by Ayn Rand; to provide a social environment for like-minded individuals; and to raise funds for the Ayn Rand Center for Individual Rights (ARC)

ARSIRN's GOAL is to provide sufficient, on-going funding for ARC to make Naples a regular stop for speakers from the Ayn Rand Center and the Ayn Rand Institute.

The Society's STRATEGY is to reach out to the broader southwest Florida community through public events, including one major fund-raising event each year.

ARSIRN is open to all readers of Ayn Rand's fiction and/or nonfiction who are sympathetic to her views and wish to pursue their implications. To join with us just complete our support form.

NOTE: We are centered in Naples, Florida, deep in the southwest part of the state. We have members from Port Charlotte, Sarasota, Tampa and St. Pete . . . and welcome others — in spirit if not in body.

For more information email our CoFounders:
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Or write us at
Ayn Rand Society for Individual Rights of Naples
P. O. Box 7173
Naples 34101-7173

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